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Summary: In everyday life these days one of the most important device which help you make your life easier is Smartphone, Its where now everyone stores all their valuable data be it hundreds of contact information, thousands of precious memories in form of photos and videos, important and valuable documents all digitally are converted into digital files and stored in this one device.

Have you ever wondered what if all those data gets lost what will you do?

Hard Reset Oppo A3s Cph1909 Remove Screen Lock Without Box

You might have backed up some data, what about the data and files you did not back up? Now there is no need to worry, here with the help of this post you can easily learn how to recover deleted or lost data from Oppo Phones. Android phone data recovery software thoroughly scans your Oppo Android smartphone to recover the data.

Then this post is for you. How it work and help users to recover data from Oppo Android Phones. Oppo is one of the most popular Android phone in market. But while you handle such device, it is very common that you or someone else may lose or delete valuable data and files from your Oppo Android Phone.

I deleted all my photos from gallery by mistake how could I recover it. I use OPP A37f. I accidentally deleted all my photos from gallery how I could recover it again. There can be end numbers of reasons that could result in deletion of important data and files from Oppo Android Phone some of them are as follows:.

Like above given examples there can be many reasons and situation which could result in deletion or loss of valuable data from your Oppo Android Phone.

Now the problem arises: how to retrieve those deleted data from your Oppo Android Phone? Below find out easy solutions how to get back those deleted data.

Important Note: You can restore your Oppo Phone via local back up only if you have previously taken back up of your Oppo Phone.

Now follow the simple steps to restore lost data from your Oppo Phone. If you have backed- up your data, here you can see all backed Data. Step 2 — Check the date and size of the each backup file and select the data significant you want to restore on your Oppo Phone. At last start the restore process.

Step 3 — Be patient and allow your Oppo phone to complete the restoration procedure, once the Oppo phone completes the restoration process you will get back all the deleted data back on your Oppo phone.

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Important Note: While you restore your Oppo phone make sure it does not switch off, in this restoration process the local backup will help you restore photos, videos, messages, applications, etc. It also gets back your system settings and data. If you have synced your Oppo phone before data deletion with Google drive or you have set up automatic backup service on with Google photos, then you can conveniently restore the backed up data from Google Drive.

Now follow the simple steps to restore deleted data from Google drive cloud back up:. Step 2 — Log in Google account with Gmail id and password. Step 3 — When you have successfully logged in, you can view the backed up files. Step 4 — Now choose the files you want to restore and download them on your Oppo Phone. Now the problem arises — How to retrieve those deleted data from your Oppo Phone which was not backed-up? Keep reading the article below to find out solution, how to recover data from your Oppo phone without backup.

This software has multiple data recovery features, which even helps you to recover inaccessible data from factory reset, locked screen phones, water damaged, screen damaged, Virus infected, rooted, formatted Oppo phones.

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Because if you use your phone, it will add new data in your phone, overwriting the existing data and then you might not be able to successfully recover the deleted data from your Phone. Now below find out steps to retrieve deleted data from Oppo phone without backup by using Android Data Recovery Software.Hello everyone, how are you all doing? Today, we are going to resolve one of the most critical issues on how to recover deleted data from Oppo smartphones. Oppo F5, R7 and R11 Plus have recently launched and it's really hitting the Android market with a good impression.

But recently, most Oppo users are complaining about malfunctions occurring on their phones. Basically, miscellaneous data such as contacts, messages, recently clicked pictures, etc. System crashes and hardware failure are quite common issues with Android smartphones but that's not the upsetting part.

The disappointing part is when you lose data due to these reasons. Fortunately, if you have deleted data from your smartphone accidentally or it happened due to unknown reason like system crash or water damage or hardware failure, etc. In this tutorial, we will be using the top and most favorite ways to restore deleted data from Oppo phone but certainly you can use the same tricks to retrieve lost files from any Android smartphone. If you are a cautious and wise person then you must have created a backup before the data went missing.

Oppo phone has in-built backup and restore feature and if you have used other third party app like Titanium app to backup your phone then make sure to use exactly that app again to restore the data on your phone.

Step 3 : Now, select "Extract from Nandroid Backup" and select the backup file from your phone.

How to Backup and Restore OPPO: How to Backup OPPO Data to PC

Step 4 : Wait for few moments while the data from the backups are extracted and after it is done, you can open your gallery and others app to see all the previous data again. Note : Rooting is necessary in order to fully use the app. What is more, premium features must be unlocked before you can restore from backups. The most effective way to recover deleted data from Oppo smartphone is to take assistance from Android data recovery program.

In this guide, we will be taking help from TunesBro DiskLab for Android to retrieve the deleted data from your phone. DiskLab for Android is current one of the most powerful Android data recovery programs to recover deleted files from Android smartphones and tablets. This data recovery tool has a very clean and intuitive user interface which requires no special technical skills to use it.

It has won awards from the well-known technology magazine andmillions of people have downloaded and rated this program as the most reliable software ever. DiskLab for Android is a desktop software that needs to be installed first. The installation process is pretty basic and within seconds you can download the latest version of the data recovery tool and run the program to see its creative user interface. Mored details can be found out in here.

Also, the device should be rooted before using this program.This video will show you how to Transfer data from iPhone to Oppo. Next sign into iCloud with your Apple Id on your iPhone and then move the slider bars to choose what data you want to upload to iCloud. Remember that this data will be the same data that you download to your new phone.

If you have an older version of iOS older than So just upgrade your iOS version your device. Tap on iCloud backup, make sure it is turned on. Then tap back up now.

If you want to check what data you have uploaded to iCloud then you can check this by going into a web browser on a normal computer and go to www. Again you will need to use the data transfer software Clone Phone software to get the data from iCloud to the Oppo phone. You can get that free software on this link here.

And you will need to make sure this version is up to date. If it is not up to date then you wont have the iPhone iOS option. Follow the video for more info.

I hope this helps out. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Like this: Like Loading Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.Mobile phones are almost become a basic need in this digital world. We use them to store files and other things important to us such as photos, music, documents, information and videos. Sometimes your mobile phone gets lost or damaged which is a common habit among many people.

This can be a big problem when you think of the data that you have lost. The good is that you can be able to restore your Android phone from google backup.

From this you can be happy to recover all the data you thought had lost from your Android phone. With this article you will know how to restore Android phone from google backup and why and when to backup your Android phone. Information you store on your mobile phone are very important. They could be important files, photo, videos and other important information.

Circumstances where you need backup your Android phone are:. An easy way to restore Android phone from Google backup.

oppo cloud restore

After you have backed up your data to your Google account then you can restore it easily. This made easy when you add your Google account to a device then the data that you backed up is restored to your device. Using Google backup to backup and restore your Android phone is a fast and easy procedure. Below is how you can restore your apps and settings when moving to a new Android phone from Google backup.

Step 1 Open Settings from the home screen or app drawer. Then select Back up my data. Step 2 Toggle Back up my data to On. Check that your Google account is associated in Backup account. Toggle Automatic restore to On to restore settings and data when installing an app. Now that you've enabled the Android backup service, your system settings and app data will be automatically saved to Drive.

When you're switching to a new phone, you can rely on the service to restore your settings, apps, and associated data from Google backup easily. You can always restore any lost or deleted data of your Android phone from Google backup. Immediately when you reinstall any application, the settings or any data backed up on your Google backup is automatically restored.

Restoring apps is straightforward if you're using a handset running Lollipop and above. This setting is available to phones as they're booting up for the first time, or after they've been factory reset. Step 1 When you got your new Android phone, log in to your Google account. You'll see a list of all your previous devices, and when you've last used them.

Select a device to see all the apps available for restore.

oppo cloud restore

You can take a look at the amount of app data that's being stored. Here's how you can find out:. Step 1 Open Google Drive from the home screen or app drawer. In My Driveselect the hamburger menu from the top left corner.We use cookies and similar technologies to make this site work properly and to analyse traffic and optimise your browsing experience.

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If you're upgrading your OPPO smartphone, you don't have to start from scratch. When you know how to backup and restore Android settings, apps and your personal data, your new phone will be ready to go in no time. Having a backup can also be a lifesaver if your phone gets lost, stolen or damaged. Learn how to backup Android and restore your saved files with this easy Android backup and restore guide.

oppo cloud restore

Important: You may need to be connected to Wi-Fi or a mobile network to backup your Android device and restore data. The best way to backup your Android phone depends on your personal preference and the type of data you want to copy.

The easiest way to backup data on Android is to make a copy on the device itself. You can backup your personal data such as contacts and messages, system data and applications in local storage. You should still make another backup in case your phone gets lost or stolen, but having a local backup can be useful if you ever need to restore lost data. Here's how:. If you haven't already made a backup, the menu will display 'No backup records. You'll be asked to select the data you want.

You can choose to backup the whole Android phone or only your contacts, messages, call history, system data or app data. When you've made your selection, tap Start backup. Your phone will now make a backup of Android. You can check the progress and details during the process.

When it's complete, you can find the backup in the Backup and restore menu with the date and time it was created.

How to Recover Deleted Photos from VIVO/OPPO

You can copy or delete backups from here. If you prefer to save your backup on a micro SD card instead of local storage, you can set your SD card as default storage in the Settings menu. Any backups you make will be saved there. It's recommended to have an external backup of your data in case something happens to your phone. You can backup an Android phone to a PC, laptop or other computer using the following steps:.

On your computer, go to Computer and find your phone in the list of devices under the OPPO model number. Copy the backup file to your computer. This can be used to restore deleted Android data in the future if needed. If your backup is saved to an SD card, this can also be copied to your computer by dragging the file. You will need an OPPO account and an active network connection.

To do this:. Select the data you want to upload to the cloud. Currently, only contacts and SMS can be saved to your cloud drive. These can be accessed any time you need them in the future. When you've backed up your personal data, system data and app data, you may also want to back up files on your phone, such as music and other audio, videos, photos and images and documents.How to recover deleted photos on OPPO mobile? There are multiple ways to recover deleted data on OPPO mobile, all you need to do is to try those ways as quickly as possible.

How to Back Up and Restore OPPO Data

Go through the article and find out which way is the best for you. The most common case in which you can lose data from your OPPO phone is the physical damage.

The damage can be external or internal and can be a result of falling or getting into contact with water, but in every case, you can end up losing your data. Software issues can occur in any of your Android devices, including your OPPO phone, resulting in loss of your data. The software issue can occur due to the bugs in the system, malware attacks, files containing a virus, etc.

And all these can lead you to a point where all of your stored photos get corrupt. In that case, the only option you will be left with is to recover deleted photos on OPPO phone. Most of your android phones, including your OPPO phone, comes with a one-touch delete option, a simple accidental touch on that button while exploring through your photos in the gallery can delete your important photo.

You can also accidentally delete multiple selected photo while trying to move them or share them with some other device.

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You can choose from many available mobile recovery tools to recover deleted photos on OPPO mobile phone, but we will suggest you go for a reliable and powerful data recovery tool.

The user-friendly interface of the Recoverit recovery tool can help you in recovering the photos on your OPPO mobile very easily. Also, the All-around scanning mode and the more aggressive Deep scanning modes in the Recoverit tool lets you scan the whole storage drive very aggressively, allowing you to recover each and every file.

Go to the Recoverit website and download the tool as per your OS i. Install the tool on your Windows or Mac system, and complete the registration process. Step 1. Launch the Recoverit Data Recovery program on your system by clicking on the app icon on the desktop, or by searching for the app through search panel.

Step 2. Your selected SD card will go under scanning, it will be scanned via the default All-around scanning feature of Recoverit. Wait until the scanning is done, it might take a little longer depending upon the size of the data. Once scanned, the Recoverit tool will list all the lost scanned files on a new window.Summary: It is well known that regular backup of Oppo mobile data is an effective method to prevent cell phone data loss.

This article will introduce three methods of Oppo file transfer that allow you to transfer all data from any OPPO smartphone and tablet, such as contacts, text messages, photos, videos, call logs, music, etc.

In recent years, the market share of Oppo mobile phones has become higher and higher, and more and more people have become loyal users of Oppo. However, when we have used Oppo phones for a long time, we will find that the memory of Oppo issued an alert to remind users that the memory is seriously insufficient and some data needs to be deleted.

However, deleting data is a last resort. In fact, we have a better way, which is to perform Oppo file transfer to transfer file from Oppo mobile to PC and Mac, thereby saving space on Oppo phones and avoiding data loss. The most traditional transmission method to transfer files from Oppo to computer is to use a USB data cable. The advantage of this Oppo file transfer to PC method is simple operation and low requirements.

You only need to prepare a usable USB data cable. However, its disadvantage is that it can only transfer photos and videos.

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If you want to transfer more file types, such as contacts, messages, call logs, etc. Step 1. Step 2. The PC will recognize the connected Oppo phone and install the mobile driver automatically. Step 3.

Would you Like to Transfer Data from iPhone to OPPO in Clicks?

Step 4. Once the Oppo's driver have been installed successfully on your computer, the connection will be successful and your Oppo phone will show as a removable USB drive. You can find the folder that you want to import to computer.

Maybe something is wrong with your USB connection. So, is it possible to transfer data from Oppo to computer without USB cable? Of course. If your computer is equipped with Bluetooth, you can use Bluetooth to transfer data from Oppo mobile to laptop or desktop computer.

Here is a guide on how to transfer files from Android to Mac via Bluetooth. Turn on Bluetooth on your computer.

You can launch it by clicking the Windows logo in the lower left corner of the computer screen and searching for " Bluetooth " in the search bar. Turn on the Bluetooth on your Oppo phone and make it searchable for other devices connected via Bluetooth. Select the name of your computer and pair them together.

Once the two devices are paired, you can go to your Oppo device to select the files that you want to transfer. Step 5. Now, all your selected files will be transferred to your computer instantly via Bluetooth.

Google Drive is an online cloud storage service launched by Google, which provides 15GB of free storage space to each user. If users need more space, they can get it for a fee. As long as the user is logged in to a unified Google account, he can access files stored on Google Drive on any device. Below is the guide on how to transfer Oppo mobile data to computer by using Google Drive. Google Drive allows you to upload photos, videos, audios, documents and so on.

Then, login your Google account. If you don't have a Google account, you need to register for one now. After uploading all the files you need to Google Drive, you can turn to your computer and open your Gmail account.


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